Recycled Wallet Double Sided, Golden Magic Wallet

The wallet 2.0 is here. This minimal wallet has two separate compartments for money and cards. And the best part is, that each compartment has its own zipper. But this vegan wallet is still very small and handy. It is the perfect companion for a long night out or a trip with light luggage.


This eco friendly purse is made from recycled coffee bags on the outside and therefore it is splash proof, robust and a real eye catcher.

This golden minimal wallet is vegan, eco friendly and sustainable.


The inside is lined with a beautiful, dark blue fabric.

The zippers are chosen in different colors, which makes it easier to remember what you put in which compartment. One zipper is light purple and the other one is purple.


As a gift for men or women it is the perfect surprise.


If you want this wallet for your business in a larger number, we can also personalize it with your logo. Message us and we will send you all the information.


We collect the coffee bags from cafés in our neighborhood and even from our customers. Afterwards we wash, dry and cut them into squares. Then the squares are sewn together into our eye catching patchworks.


If you want a bag made from your favorite coffee bag, message us and we can talk about, if you have collected enough for the bag you are dreaming of.


Measurements: ca. 5.2x4" (ca. 13x10 cm)


*without decorations

** the coffee bags are untreated, therefore color change might occur


If you want to have this minimal wallet in a different color, message us and we will make the perfect custom wallet just for you.

Recycled Wallet Double Sided, Golden Magic Wallet (018)

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