Who is ANNE HERMINE - Recycling & Upcycling

Anne Hermine - Recycling & Upcycling is a young label based in Vienna, Austria. 

We give here a second life to used plastic bags and coffee packaging. They become very useful bags in different shapes and sizes. If you are searching for the perfect cosmetic bag for your world trip, a small wedding favor for all your guests, an eye catcher tote bag or even a stylish backpack, this is the place to shop! Every bag is unique and customizable.

We believe that Recycling & Upcycling can contribute to a better world, moreover with a bag from Anne Hermine a small part of the plastic bags and coffee packaging are re-used instead of being thrown into landfills that leads to the degradation of our environment. This is one of the main reasons behind the creation of Anne Hermine Recycling & Upcycling.



The Story behind ANNE HERMINE!


The idea of the shop was developed in summer 2013 during a trip to London, England. After a heavy shopping session and some damage to our credits cards, we then got back home with tons of plastic bags. One bag in particular caught my attention. It was shiny, see- through and bright pink! Way too pretty to let it sleep in a drawer and never ever use again. So I thought what can I do to keep it in a useful way? 

Few weeks later back in Vienna I thought about it again and came up with a patchwork design. And there it was.

A beautiful small cosmetic bag with a zipper and a fabric on the inside. This was my very first creation and guess what? I’m still using it and I love it so much.

I kind of got obsessed with the idea of making plastic bags into cool, colorful and eco friendly bags and I could not stop sewing ever since.

I started collecting plastic bags from friends and family and was excited by all the color options plastic bags can give you. 

A couple of months into my obsession, a friend asked me, if I could make a wallet out of used coffee packaging. I tried and it totally worked out! “So many more options now!”

As my inventory grew I realized, that I needed to start selling the bags otherwise my small apartment would soon look like a warehouse. There I was starting my online shop in early 2014.

And now we are here!