Here you find sustainable gifts, vegan bags and gifts for your eco wedding. Everything is handmade in Vienna, Austria, out of recycled plastic bags and coffee packaging.

What do you do with the coffee packaging after you use up the coffee? And what do you do with the plastic bag you just got from the retail store? Those are items you normally don't need in your life anymore. But the materials, which were used to make the packaging or bags, are made to last many, many lifetimes! So why not reuse it?! Check out the SHOP to see what we made from literal garbage! You will find from small coin purses, different sized cosmetic bags to minimal wallets, small zipper pouches and even backpacks, everything you can imagine! And all these bags look and feel so different compared to the mainstream bag. Each bag is unique and therefore something very special and a real eye catcher.


You can even customize your own bag. Choose your favorite colors and tell us, what you need this bag for and we will find the perfect shape and features! If you want to give our bags as wedding favors at your vegan, eco friendly or sustainable wedding, tell us how many bags you need, and we will make the number of bags tailored to your wishes. 


Since all bags are splash-proof and robust, they are the perfect companion on any trip around the world! 





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