Colorful and Purple Backpack Large

This sustainable, colorful backpack is partly made from recycled coffee packaging on the outside. This makes it not just eye catching but sustainable, eco friendly and splash proof. 


In our studio we wash the coffee bags and cut them in small squares. After we sew the pieces back together you get this wonderful patchwork pattern. This pattern makes the coffee packaging even more robust and therefore this backpack is perfect for your daily life and even a short trip.


The colorful coffee packaging is combined with a beautiful light purple fabric. The inside is lined with a purple fabric as well and you find a small pocket with a zipper where you can put your keys and a wallet.


For stuff you need to get to quickly in your daily life, we created two more compartments on the outside. One is in the upper flap and the other compartment is right behind the lower colorful part in the front. Both are closed with zippers. All zippers on the outside are chosen in purple, light green and baby pink.


The straps are adjustable with black metal sliders.


Measurements: ca. 36x40x10 cm (14.2x15.8x4")


*without decorations

**The coffee packaging is not treated, so color change might occur

Colorful and Purple Backpack Large

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