Colorful Hip Bag


This is a wonderful big fanny pack. The colorful front is made from recycled coffee bags and therefore it is sustainable, splash proof and a real eye catcher.


In addition you find a zippered compartment in the front.


The inside is lined with a grey blue fabric and has another small zippered pocket.

The backside is made from a very dark blue fabric. 


Both zippers on the outside are cyan.


You can wear this bag as a fanny pack around your waist, or as a cross body bag.


Shortest circumference: ca. 104 cm  (41")

Longest circumference: ca: 149 cm (59")


If you want the strap to be shorter or longer, let me know with your order, and I will change it accordingly.


 Measurements: ca. 26x16x8 cm (10.4x6.4x3.2")


We collect the coffee bags from cafés in our neighborhood and even from our customers. Afterwards we wash, dry and cut them into squares. Then the squares are sewn together into our eye catching patchworks and those will be combined with a zipper and fabrics. Each patchwork is different, so you will always get a one of a kind bag.


If you want a bag made from your favorite coffee bag, message us and we can talk about, if you have collected enough for the bag you are dreaming of.




*The coffee packaging is untreated, therefore color change might occur.

**Each bag is one of a kind

Colorful Hip Bag

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