Beige Face Mask Pouch

This is a disinfectable zipper pouch for your face mask. The outside is made from recycled coffee packaging and the inside is lined with reused plastic bags. Therefore you can disinfect and wipe the inside and outside of this bag.

And in addition you have a carabiner on one side, which you can clip to your handbag or backpack for easy access to your mask.


This sustainable pouch is mint beige on the outside and white on the inside. The zipper is green.


If you don't need this bag for your mask anymore, you can reuse it for other small stuff.


*Mask not included

**Every bag is on of a kind, therefore the arrangement of patchwork tiles might vary.

***Do not wash this bag in a washing machine - only use a wet cloth with soap or disinfection solution.


Measurements: 5.1x4" (13x10cm)

Beige Face Mask Pouch

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